a. Check details in timesheet data

  • Who: Administration Services Executive
  • When: as soon as possible at the beginning of each day
  • How: run timesheet log and check:
    • Who is missing
    • Status of reminder

b. Check sense in timesheet data

  • Who: Client Service Support
  • When: once all data has been received
  • How: 
    • Check that the description against the WTI is sensibly completed (not always possible because it may be very short if the WTI is explicit)

    • Check that hours are done to the nearest ¼ hour

    • Verify large amounts

    • Check weekend work to ensure that it was authorised

    • Look through FIT data for sensible entries

    • Check for task code “Various” and ask the line manager to change any offending codes (if at the end of the week there has been no reply, advise the Administration Services Executive)

    • Ensure task code “Non-operational” is only used for FIT and FITS3

    • Make a note of people logging more than .5 hours against WTI 2650 in a week if they have done less than 37.5 hours and bring to the line manager’s attention; unless specific exceptions have been agreed

    • Ensure non-operational task codes are not being abused

    • Resolve any outstanding problems from last week

    • If data has come in from earlier weeks, check it as above

    • Check for WTI called “Review DBS” and bring to the attention of the Administration Services Executive.