programme name description e.g. programme
LF_MODEMETHOD Pass in mode and the subroutine returns number of payments in a year and the number of months in the frequency LFSUAL
LFS_ADD_A_RIDER  This subroutine handles control/validation when adding an additional rider to an existing policy Called LFSPQ
LF_UPDATE_LISTS Used to record LIST_TYPES for a specific event and to generate high level audit trails and/or print documents LFSUAL
LFS_EVENT_HANDLER   Used to create POLICY_EVENTS data that can be used for low-level policy activity auditing. LFCNB2
LFS_WINDOW Used to dynamically control, protect, and redisplay items in a window. LFCNB2
LFSSEC  Sign on security validation used in both screens and batch routines. any window
LFS_GET_RATE  Rate access routine used in conjunction with the SCHEME_RATES and UNIT_VALUES tables. RISK_PREMIUM_CALC
LFS_FUTURE Future record generation LFCNB2
LFSPQ Policy enquiry / maintenance functions and soft keys. LFWPQ