programme name description e.g. programme
LFSCH_IN_FORCE Processing associated with making a policy active  LFSCH
LF_CALC_DEATH_BEN  Death benefit calculation routine.   LFSCH_STAT_D
LFSCH_STAT_D  This program handles the status change to Death settlement or death notified. LFSCH_WRAPUP
LFSCH_STAT_EX  Processing when a policy expires.  This is through the status change screen. LFSCH_WRAPUP
LFSCH_STAT_H   Handles status change to Paid up or Paid Up extended terms LFSCH_WRAPUP
LFSCH_STAT_SURR This process handles policy status changes to cash surrendered, part lapsed and full lapsed  LFSCH_WRAPUP
LFSCH_STAT_R  Process for reinstatement of a policy via the status change process. LFSCH_STAT_SURR
LFSCH_STAT_M  Handles processing on policy maturity (status change to M) LFSCH_WRAPUP
LFSCH_WRAPUP Status change validation and core processing LFS_FORWARD_SURRENDER