programme name description e.g. programme
LFCNB2 New business commuter LFCNB2
LFCNB2_AGENT Commuter module for the agent screen in new business   
LFSNB1_PART2  Standard new business wrap up process (Incomplete and underwriting details checking)  
LF_CALCULATE_ISSUE_AGE Used in new business, this process calculates the issue age of the life assured.  
LFCNB_FUND Commuter module for the fund screen at new business.  
LFSID Checks for incomplete details on the new business screen.   
LFSCOV Commuter module for the coverage screen at new business.  
LFSNB_UWR This routine generates underwriting requirements at new business.   
LFCNB_PREM_FACE_XCHECK  Premium and face amount cross check.   This module is part of the standard routines for new business.   
LF_PREMIUM_CALC  Calculates the premium and face amount using the plan settings LFSNB2_PART2
LF_DEFAULTS  Used in windows for supplying standard key defaults.