programme name description e.g. programme
LFSCOM_CALC_PART1 Commission calculation routine used in New business  
LFSCOM_CALC_PART2 Commission calculation routine used in the commission journal batch process  
LFSCOM_CALC_ICE This routine is used to calculate initial commission percentage. LFSCOM_CALC_PART1
LFSCOM_DIRECT_SELL Used to calculate earned and unearned commission  
LF_COMM_ENTRIES Sets up  and writes the commentry record.  Called from the batch suite and policy status change. LFSCOM_CALC_PART2, LFSCOM_DIRECT_SELL
LFSCOM_CALC_PART1_ORIDE New business agent override Commission calculation routine  
LFSCOM_CALC_PART2_ORIDE Agent Override commission routine used by the commission journal batch process. LFSCOM_CALC_PART2
LFSCOM_CALC_PART1_END Initial commission calculation routine for premium endorsements and premium increase.   
LFSCOM_PAYCODE This routine writes the commission cheque for the required paycode amounts as specified on an individual agent record.