programme name description e.g. programme
LF_DT  Date validation based on the system language.  Automatically converts European to American format.  LFWMD1
LFS_VALID_AGES   Validates client(s) ages using the parameters on the plan LFCNB_AGENT
LF_CCY_CONV Uses the table definitions in the CURRENCY table to use 0 or 2 DP data conversion   LFWPQ
LF_AGENT_CONV  Agent number and name conversion routine.  Used in screens and letters =
LF_TF Boolean conversion  any screen
LFS_OPTIONS  Uses the table definitions in the LF_POPS table to do popups any screen
LF_CODE_CONV Uses the table definitions in the CODES table for validation and popups any screen
LF_CODE_DESC  Uses the table definitions in the CODES table for output conversions (display the words not the values) LFWCL
LFS_SCREEN  Controls popups and help in windows.  Primarily used for True/False. any screen
LFCMASK Multi-lingual text translation used to convert items in the LF_MASK file into fields descriptions on the LF_TMPL window.  Must be used in the pre-initialise option on the window set-up screen in a multi-lingual system (Only Arev System) any Window
LF_FORMAT_CONV Proportional spacing for multiple dictionary items  
LF_FORMAT_CONV3     -ditto-    
LF_COMPANY_CONV General purpose routine to convert company code to description    
LF_XCHECK This process will cross check the characters entered against the first four characters of the client name.  

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