• Upgrade is the main method used to send changes to the client.  The upgrade process will only send out items that have changed.  A new upgrade process and editor have been developed. This will ensure that on the Universe environment all upgrades are sent out in a consistent manner.
  • Always back up your programs and screens (it is planned that the new upgrade process will eventually do this automatically), and increase the version number.  Add a line with the new version, date, your initials, upgrade number and a description of the change to the program.  If the upgrade number is not added to the version control line, then the upgrade will fail code review.
  • The version number for a new program must start at 3.000.

There are two situations that may arise during development:

a. Situation A:

  • A program needs to be changed for a particular WTI.  Backup the program, increase the version number, add a description and then add the program to the upgrade.

b. Situation B:

  • An upgrade (i.e. 6655) has been created where the program i.e. LFSUAL has been changed with version 3.065 in the upgrade.  The client has not tested this upgrade but there is a live problem, which involves fixing program LFSUAL.  The client has not tested upgrade 6655 therefore changes cannot made to LFSUAL version 3.065.
  • The bug fix should be applied to version 3.064 (previous version of the program).  In this situation the following steps should be followed:
    • Take a copy of the current version of LFSUAL program (version 3.065) to a temporary file.
    • Create new upgrade
    • Copy in version 3.064 from the backup file.  Change version number to 3.066 with a description of 'vers3.064 restored' and a description of the bug fix.
    • Fix the bug.
    • Test the changes.
    • Test the upgrade and pass to QA for testing.
  • Once the upgrade has been sent to the client do the following:
    • Backup version 3.066
    • Copy back version 3.065 of the LFSUAL program.
    • Add description for version 3.066 as shown above.
    • Increase version to 3.067 and add the description 'vers 3.065' restored and add changes made in ver 3.066'.
    • Increase version number of program (LFSUAL) to 3.067 in upgrade 6655.  Get the upgrade re-tested and re-sent to the client.
  • The information supplied with the upgrades must be comprehensive and usable by the user.  Even if these upgrades are simple fixes for WTIs, these must include sufficient detail to allow someone, other than the author of the upgrade to test or re-test the upgrade.
  • Avoid including items in the upgrade that the client has the ability to change i.e. descriptions on the existing codes records that have been translated or changed.  The upgrade will overwrite the changes made by the client.  These changes need to be applied manually to the system by the client; instructions on how to do this must be added to the upgrade notes. 

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