a. Creating a new field

i. General:

  • Check for an existing field and only create a new dictionary when existing fields cannot be used.
  • Must start with an alphanumeric and contain underscores as word delimiters. Meaningful names should be used.
  • Data type field needs to be filled.
  • Ensure that the insert file entry is updated.

ii. UniVerse:

  • Multi-Value association (relevant to Universe)
  • Dependant multi value pointer to the controller
  • Controller must have the dependant added to the list
  • Two or three levels of on-line help plus intuitive help if required
  • First level help defined in the dictionary at Help Reminder prompt - can be over one or two lines of up to 70 characters each, but if second-level help is required restrict second line to 59 characters
  • Second level help  - also defined via the SB+ Field Definition tool. Upon acceptance of first-level help you will be asked if you want to create second-level help too; if you say Y you will be prompted to define a box  into which to type the help text, and by default whatever you type and then save with F2 will be stored (with the box co-ordinates) as a separate item file-name.B.field-name on the LFHELP file. At this point you will be taken to a full-screen area where you can, if you wish, type in a third level help screen if you do not wish to, press ESC, otherwise type your text and then F2. Your third-level help will again be stored in LFHELP, this time (by default) under an item name file-name.F.field-name.  The help provided within the SB+ tool itself should provide all the guidance needed to set up all levels of help as and when required.

iii. Advanced revelation:

  • Any new fields added to a screen will require help text.

b. Policy dictionary fields

  • The attached spreadsheet (download here in MS Excel format) highlights each policy dictionary field as being coverage specific or policy specific.  It does not cover all dictionaries, but is still very useful.

c. Synonyms (SB+ only)

  • Use column header and description for field headings in screens.  If a shorter name is required then create a synonym.

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