• As the development is been undertaken using the JAVA programming language the choice of development environment is currently not an issue, due to the standard architecture of the JAVA language, the resultant class files generated by an IDE are identical in the respect that the JAVA SDK is used to compile the source code into bite code, and is not a function of the IDE.
  • In the current development environment there are several IDE's have been used.

    • JBuilder
    • Visual Age For JAVA
    • NetBeans

  • Each of the environments provides the capability to write and compile the JAVA code. Of the IDE's listed Jbuilder and NetBeans both work directly on the source or through version control software, Visual Age requires the use of a repository, this can be centralized in the case of the Enterprise edition. The choice of the IDE is not as important as the other members of the toolset and as such will probably remain as is until at the current time with Jbuilder and NetBens taking priority.
  • With the onset of more complex development and deployment involved with EJB Visual Age will be come more prevalent, and a move to this environment in the medium to long term will on the cards.