a. Introduction:

  • Our corporate identity is a visual expression of who we are.  A consistent, professional image communicates that we are a consistent, professional firm.
  • With this in mind, below please find FIT’s refreshed corporate identity (CI) specifications, which need to be applied in all instances.

b. Applications: what our CI must be applied to:

  • Our CI must be applied to all documents, printed and electronic, internal and external, in order to achieve a consistent, professional image.

c. Business description:

  • FIT has often been incorrectly described as a “software house”. Our official business description is “Solution Providers to the Worldwide Insurance Industry.”

d. Payoff line:

  • The payoff line we will be adopting is: “Developing solutions, and building businesses” as it succinctly describes our business.

e. Copyright:

  • Its essential that all proprietary FIT work display the copyright symbol © (ALT+CTRL+C) as below:

© Financial Information Technology Ltd.

f. Systems:

Correct method of writing FIT system and solution names on printed matter:

  • LIFEfit (italicised "fit")
  • LIFEpac (italicised "pac")
  • TASKfit (italicised "fit")
  • e-surancetm (subscript trademark - tm - symbol)
  • FITasp (italicised "asp")
  • FIT-s3 (italicised "s3")

g. Standard FIT fonts

i. Print media:

  • FIT standard font: Times News Roman
  • Body font size: generally 11points, but at user’s discretion
  • Header size: headers are written in Garamond, generally 13 points, bold, character spacing 2 points, small caps (as per the headings in this document)
  • Rules and lines: dotted lines, ˝ points, as per lines used in this document

ii. Electronic media:

  • In order to conform with the increasingly popular international convention of using standard fonts in electronic media, FIT have decided to use Verdana font in all electronic material.
  • This applies to all emails, websites and browser-based interfaces generated by FIT.
  • Stylesheets (.css files) for electronic media have been prepared, and are available from Ryan Ducie (Extension 102).

h. FIT logo:

  • The FIT logo must appear at the top of the page, right aligned (never centred).
  • A white “exclusion zone” must always surround the logo, i.e. the logo should never be flush with the end of the page or text.  Imagine a large white border surrounding the logo.
  • The FIT logo is a single entity, and should not be cut up, i.e. The “FIT” should never be separated from the text “Financial Information Technology”.

i. For assistance:

  • Should you require assistance in “corporatising” any of your documents, or should you have any queries, feel free to contact Ryan Ducie (Ext. 102).

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